The American and British people don’t want war. They are tired. – David Cameron backed down and agreed to delay a military attack on Syria following a growing revolt

Remember when every Subaru station wagon had this bumper sticker? What happened?

The everyday family in the USA, and it sounds like in the UK, is tired. They have given their sons and daughters to the wars in Iraq and in Afghanistan with nothing in return. American and British children are dead, more likely crippled physically, and even more likely crippled psychologically. And for what? For adventurism. For the big shots to play chess with the lives of their children. And now the big shots want to go into Syria? Why?

Mr. President, tell us why. Tell us why this nightmare should continue. Tell us why we should sacrifice our sons and daughters for this. Tell us why we are now on the same side as Al Quaeda in Syria. Tell us that. Justify that.

You fly your dog, your dog, for tens of thousands of dollars to Martha’s Vineyard, but the life of the everyday American, not to mention the life of the average Syrian, doesn’t have anywhere near this value.

Tell me why we should go to war for you Mr. President. Tell me why more of our children, and the children of those in Syria should die. Tell it to America’s face.

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