This company provides fake protesters for your cause. (Real people, with signs)

crowd cc
These people showed up for free.


You’ve heard of “astroturf” but this is taking it to the next level.

Have a cause which needs to to get some attention? Not to worry because Crowds On Demand will hook you up. For a few thousand dollars they’ll make your personal beef look legit. Chanting, indignation, the whole bit.

“What do we want? Whatever you told us we wanted!

When do we want it? Whenever makes sense to the guy who hired us!”

(From Vice)

VICE: What’s this event that’s happening now?
Adam Swart:┬áIt’s an event we’re doing in coordination with a charity. We’re trying to raise awareness about mental health issues. They want to raise a lot more awareness about mental health, which is an often overlooked issue when it comes to, uh, to policy.

OK. Are they paying you for this?
They get a discount. We give charities discounts.

How many people are protesting here?
About 20.

Are any of these guys real protesters or are they all provided by you?
They’re all provided by me.

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