What the NSA’s Massive Org Chart (Probably) Looks Like

NSA cc

This is the (supposed) guts of the surveillance state. What Big Brother looks like on the inside. Amazing public information if half right. The NSA was given the chance to comment on the chart and has decided not to.

(From Defenseone.com)

In the interests of transparency and in an effort to establish a basis for continued public exploration of the world of intelligence, I’ve cobbled together a rough and incomplete but still rather comprehensive organizational chart of the agency’s operational, analytical, research and technology directorates. With only a few exceptions, the information does not come from inside sources. It builds on the work of the researchers mentioned above and it represents the culmination of a lot of time spent cross-checking government documents and LinkedIn profiles, job postings and agency announcements.

The NSA prefers not to discuss how it works and what it does. Defense One offered NSA the opportunity to review the organization chart and address any national security concerns. “We won’t fact check a chart that appears to be based largely on speculation,” the agency replied through a spokesperson.

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