Why does 1, and only 1 oil refinery, not have to blend in ethanol? Another political favor?

Don't the ethanol mandate "tax."
Don’t forget the ethanol mandate “tax.”

According to EPA regs oil refineries must blend ethanol into their gasoline product at increasing amounts until 2022. As we have noted before, the ethanol mandate is essentially a gift from taxpayers to corn producing agribusiness. The program does little for the environment, in fact it may actually increase carbon emissions, versus regular gasoline, but a powerful constituency has seized on the mandate (originally instituted under GW Bush) to pad their bottom lines.

It should be noted that Big Corn universally applauded the new EPA head, Gina McCarthy when she was appointed earlier this year.

To blend in ethanol is a significant burden for gasoline refiners. Some have argued that the burden is too much and have applied for exemptions from the costly process.

Only 1 refiner got an exception this year, but Washington won’t tell us which one.

(From The Daily Caller)

“The public should want to know too. Washington is rife with secret deals that reward select corporate players, and the numbers have only accelerated under this “most transparent” of administrations,” writes the Wall Street Journal’s Kimberley Strassel. “If the process by which the EPA issued this exemption was aboveboard, it should have no problem divulging details. Until that time, the public might fairly assume funny business.”

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