Another loss for crony media on Syria, A remarkable video from MSNBC, Middle East analyst takes the pundits to task.


She get’s overheated at times but Hillary Mann Leverette of American University comes out of the corner swinging and doesn’t let up. She lands punch after punch.

The rest of the panel is made up of pundits from the Washington DC media establishment, the executive editor of, the senior corespondent for foreign policy at Newsweek (basically the Daily Beast website), and the executive director of the National Security Network, who appear to be there only to cheer the President’s warring.

It is remarkable that these members of the press are just so blatant in their praise for the administration. Talk about lap dogs. Actually to say that the mainstream press, the #oldmedia, is a lapdog is not even right. In this clip the press appears more like a guard dog. A wounded and scared guard dog which knows its owner is also in trouble.