Newark Mayor Cory Booker Makes $ 689K From Ex-law Firm; Firm Makes Millions From City

I suppose he is of sorts.
I suppose he is of sorts.


Cory Booker, who is running for Senate sure is one heck of a business man. Whether getting paid over $1.3 million to speak as Newark’s mayor, (Who would pay thousands to hear the mayor of Newark? The mayor of Asbury Park? Sure. But Newark?)  founding a start-up (while also launching his Senate bid) which named a powerful media industry executive’s son – who is 15, to its board while also issuing stock options to the child, to this latest report that Booker received nearly $689,000 in fees from his former law firm while he was still mayor of Newark. Money just seems to rain down on this guy.

Booker reported on his tax returns that he worked “materially” with his former firm while mayor, meaning that he worked over 500 hours. That’s a lot of time dedicated to a law firm while trying to act as mayor of a good sized city. Interestingly the law firm gained almost $2 million in business from agencies overseen by the mayor.

And yet this guy still leads the race.

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