Candidate for VA governor Terry McAuliffe meets with Michael Bloomberg, The New York Connection

Bloomberg-Naploleon ccTerry McAuliffe is a Clinton era apparatchik from Syracuse and he wants the head political job in Richmond. He’s long coveted the position and was defeated 4 years ago in the primaries in his first quest. Now that he has the nomination however he is calling in his chips. Politico reports that McAuliffe recently met with Mr. Moneybagssodabanguncontrol, AKA Michael Bloomberg, AKA Mr. New York. Hooray.

Living south of the Potomac River one would think that we Virginians are far enough from NYC that we wouldn’t have to deal with the magnate from Manhattan. Yet it appears the Mr. McAuliffe is actively seeking Bloomberg’s endorsement, and one assumes also, his money.

It would be wise for Virginians to remember our state motto: Sic semper tyrannis

A little local baseball. My apologies.

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