Christian Post: The New Populists – Can the Working Poor Find a Home in a New GOP?

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This is a very interesting post.

I have little faith in either the Dems or the GOP. Both parties engage in rampant crony capitalism as the article points out. Republican leadership in Washington DC has little interest in free markets and free market “populism.”  But there is a glimmer of hope from some in the GOP New Wave, or as the Christian Post calls them the “new populists.”

At ACC we believe that people become poorer as government expands, special deals for the rich and connected are handed out by the ruling class, and as private enterprise retreats. Private enterprise is the way that wealth is created. When businesses are started, people are hired, dreams become reality, and indeed sometimes hard lessons are learned. A healthy economy is supposed to be dynamic. If someone sees a need in the marketplace they should be able to meet that need with a minimum of red tape. Our current system binds would-be entrepreneurs down with rules and regs while the big guys get sweetheart financing and zoning deals. Our current economic system keeps people poor.

(From The Christian Post)

It is not just big banks and big box stores that engage in this type of behavior. Examples of businesses who favor regulations to avoid a competition are legion, and operate at all levels of government: restaurants support laws banning food trucks; beer companies support regulation of bottle sizes to make it more difficult for their foreign competitors to sell their product; big banks get government bailouts and special treatment by the Federal Reserve.

Whereas traditional Republicans often argue that income inequality is not a problem, the new populists disagree. The privileged and well-connected are getting richer, not because of hard work and wise business practices, they say, but because of government favors and protection.

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