D.C. executive linked to secret 2008 aid to Hillary Clinton

The wife of US President Bill Clinton, Hillary Rod

For crying out loud. All these people just reek of corruption. They are convinced that you will say, “It’s OK, that’s politics.” They bank on that. They think that the average person will just go back to their commute, and their kid’s soccer games on the weekends, and their TV, and their job in the cubicle, and the ruling class will just get to do whatever it wants to.

Here’s an idea. Your family is just as valuable as the Clinton family and the rule of law should apply equally to you as to the people the media hold up as virtual…, I don’t want to say it. Tear away the pomp and the BS, look real hard. Are these the people who should be running this country?

(From The Washington Post)

The new accusations came to light when White pleaded guilty Wednesday to a misdemeanor tax charge, becoming the latest Thompson associate implicated in a far-reaching investigation that has explored the businessman’s alleged secret role in funding political campaigns.

For the first time, the investigation has connected Thompson to a major national political figure. The investigation could have implications for Clinton, who is weighing a second run for president in 2016 and is seen as an overwhelming favorite for the Democratic nomination.

Thompson’s attorney, Brendan Sullivan, declined to comment.

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