Diane Feinstein defines free speech, the 1st Amendment, a “privilege.” (Video)

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Matt Drudge was right when he said last week that Ms. Feinstein was acting is a fascistic way. The woman is breathtaking in her control freakiness. Just watch this video. She has no qualms trashing the most fundamental right there is, to speak freely.

The great unwashed have been given a voice in the Internet which is troublesome in her view. We must license journalism. If it is licensed, the state can control it.

It appears that she holds ordinary citizens who would speak up against the power structure in deep disdain. She may dislike them as much as she dislikes ordinary citizens with guns. Likely she just assumes the two groups are probably the same folks for the most part anyway and should therefore be systematically curtailed.

Feinstein misses the days when her chief of staff could call up a reporter and threaten his or her job if the reporter said the wrong thing about the Senator. Now, people can say whatever they want, and that is a bad thing in the Senator’s view.

Total free speech on the Internet does not produce a poorer product as many in the the power establishment both in Congress and in the #oldmedia assert. Yes there’s lots of crap on the Internet. There are plenty of BS stories about nonsense. But people quickly ferret out poor reporting or analysis. Bad stories are vetted within minutes of posting. Reputations are on the line, all the time. It’s the market of ideas.

Ms. Feinstein is not known as a friend of the market mechanism.

The Senator’s effort to clamp down on free speech is in no way in the interest of the American people. Her efforts are in her interest, and those of her sponsors who fear an empowered American public.

That’s why we must fight her efforts.

Just an aside–How much fun do you think it would be to work in her office?