Ex-Wall Street chieftains living large in post-meltdown world

Wall Street cc

The key is not to bat an eye and to act like everything is cool. Be unapologetic but low key key and the serfs will eventually put away their pitchforks.

(From The Center for Public Integrity)

Many of the top Wall Street bankers who were largely responsible for the disaster — and whose companies either collapsed or accepted billions in government bailouts — are also unemployed. But since they walked away from the disaster with millions, they’re juggling their ample free time between mansions and golf, skiing and tennis.

Meantime, the major banks that survived the crisis, largely because they were saved with taxpayer money after being deemed “too big to fail,” are now bigger and more powerful than ever.

The Center for Public Integrity looked at what happened to five former Wall Street kingpins to see what they are up to these days. None are in jail, nor are any criminal charges expected to be filed.

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