Explicit statist indoctrination in our schools? Students as industrial products, Common Core

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Common Core is a federal effort to standardize education in all public schools across the country. (I thought education was supposed to be a local matter in the USA.) It has been moving through channels very quietly though parents have finally gotten wind of at least some of what is going on.

In an effort to find out more this parent actually spoke up at a Common Core meeting in Baltimore and was arrested.

He’s right to question. Parents are still largely in the dark. Though information is leaking out.

Check this infographic from one of the economic texts which is part of Common Core. It basically reinforces the anti-human, anti-liberty, view of “progress.” Free market capitalism is at the bottom with a general rise toward the workers’ paradise. The graph is very slyly constructed however. Though it generally infers to the student that “communism” is the ideal, it doesn’t exactly say so. Pretty smart.

Climbing socialism cc

Interestingly Jeb Bush is a big proponent of Common Core as is Chris Christie (surprise, surprise) along with corporations such as Intel, Exxon/Mobil and Cisco. They want a standardized student “product” which meets their needs. Or as the immortal George Carlin put it:

“They want people who are just smart enough to run the machines and to do the paperwork.”

And that is about right.

But it’s not just we liberty types who are concerned.

(From TownHall.com)

…there are now many on the left who oppose Common Core. The Louisiana State Democratic Party opposes it because of concerns the implementation will be faulty due to all the opposition. Others on the left dislike Common Core because of a concern that it will “force students to take even more expensive, standardized tests and is something of a corporate takeover of education.” There are fears that Common Core is being driven by money; pushed by corporations that will benefit from selling tests and other curriculum. Common Core adds new tests for ninth and tenth graders. Others on the left worry that it will reduce arts, sciences, literature and creative writing in the classroom. A group of 25,000 teachers is opposing Common Core under the name BATs, for Badass Teachers’ Association.

This thing needs to be looked at closely. Everyone seems to hate it except the crony capitalists.

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