Fine Whine at the Federal Trough

mad scientist cc

The folks at the National Institutes for Health are pretty much convinced that the world would stop turning if it was shut down. The medical Brahmans in Bethesda Maryland know that if just enough taxpayer money is thrown at them the world’s ills will disappear eventually. But “eventually” seems to be a very long time.


The federal government has cut funding for some research at the Center for Computational Biology at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. One researcher claims that “less science is getting done” and “that means cures won’t emerge. Five years from now, when your aunt gets cancer and you can’t do anything for her, people won’t stop and think, ‘Jesus, if we only hadn’t had the sequester!’” The researcher did not explain why previous billions in previous federal funding had failed to produce a cure for cancer or even the common cold.

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