GOP staffers working with Democratic staffers to keep special Obamacare deal for themselves, Trying to kill Vitter amendment

“Reid and Boxer must really want their #Obamacare exemption to start bribing Members. I’m asking for an ethics investigation,” – Sen. Vitter on Twitter

Vitter cc

Under Obamacare members of Congress and their staffs were supposed to participate in the healthcare “exchanges” set to come online October 1st, or whenever. However in August both Dems and Republicans in Congress worked a deal with the White House which allowed them to keep their very generous health plans and to avoid being thrown into Obamacare.

Congress wrote Obamacare. It voted on Obamacare. It passed Obamacare. Yet Obamacare is not good enough for Congress and their staffs. It is however good enough for you.

In the face of voter unhappiness with this classic example of crony capitalism Senator Vitter from Louisiana is now seeking to reinstate the Obamacare provision which pulls Congress and their staffs into the system. Additionally Vitter wants White House staffers to participate in Obamacare too.

Seems fair to me. These are the people who made this gem of social engineering. They should have deal with it just like the rest of America.

But Congress doesn’t see it that way.

(From Politico)

There will be heavy pressure on Republican senators to back a bill that Vitter says kills “a Washington exemption from Obamacare.” But the amendment would also directly hit the pockets of members of Congress and Capitol Hill aides. Plus, few bosses want to be forced into a vote that will effectively reduce the take-home pay for their entire staff.

Sources said that multiple Republican offices have reached out to Democrats to ensure that either the amendment doesn’t get a vote or that if it does, it fails.

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