Harry Reid whines: “The anarchists have taken over.” (Video)


God forbid—someone in Washington is standing up and saying “no” to a government which has spent with abandon for 70+ years. I know that the expansion of government has been profitable for you Senator Reid, but it doesn’t work that way for a lot of America—for most of America.

And no, government is not inherently good. (As he has said.) It’s been good for you, it’s been good for many people in and around Washington DC, but it’s not good for most people at least not at its current size. It may be necessary. It may be a fact of life. But government is to be tolerated (and watched closely) not celebrated.

For 70 years the pro-government folks have done what they want. Now that the tiniest bit of real resistance is being shown, some minuscule check on the unending spending, the Senator throws a fit like a 18 year old girl who just got cut off from daddy’s credit card.