More Crony Media, a report from Politico: The media’s revolving White House door

As we’ve documented in other posts the connection between the #oldmedia , the “legitimate media” as Joe Biden calls it, and this White House is very strong. The below infographic, which we posted earlier gives a hint of what’s going on but it certainly does not tell the whole story.

News cronyism cc

The connection between the media messengers and this White House is so strong that even Washington DC’s insider site, Politico felt obliged to report on it. The generally liberal Atlantic Magazine also felt obliged.

This is not healthy.

(From Politico)

Just this month, Doug Frantz, a veteran journalist who has worked at The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, and The New York Times, was named Assistant Secretary of the State Department’s Bureau of Public Affairs. Glen Johnson, the Boston Globe’s online politics editor, joined the State Dept. as senior adviser earlier this year. White House press secretary Jay Carney was Time magazine’s Washington bureau chief, working under Stengel.

Going the other way, CNN chief National Security correspondent Jim Sciutto formerly served as Chief of Staff to Obama’s ambassador to China, Gary Locke. Linda Douglass, a former ABC News correspondent-turned- director of communications role in Obama’s Office of Health Reform, left the White House for a communications gig at The Atlantic. In July, her husband was tapped by Obama to serve as U.S. ambassador to Italy.

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