More Crony Media: Why are there so many reporters working in this White House?

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The answer is that much of what Washington DC does these days is “narrative building,” spin which takes hold in the body politic over time. The establishment needs narrative builders.

Plus the politicians can tempt a press with connections and power. This tends to lesson the edge of any reporting. “We can do this the hard way reporters, or the easy way. The easy way is much more fun, plus you agree with us fundamentally anyway don’t you? Why not join the team. That’s a good reporter.”

There’s a reason why Media Matters has worked as closely as it has with this president. Some people even argue that David Brock, the head of Media Matters acts almost as Minister of Information. Narratives are crafted and then sent through the channels, MSNBC and the networks on TV, and through Think Progress and other “progressive” outlets online.

Those who control the story control the power. Obama is surrounded by story tellers.

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