Obama says that a Congressional “NO” vote on war with Syria won’t keep him from starting a war (*If he still wants to)

FYI Mr. President, Syria is also not on the Gulf Coast.
FYI Mr. President, Syria is also not on the Gulf Coast.

We are often hard on the president, mainly because he has taken crony capitalism to whole new levels. But his general leadership style is also suspect. It just seems like the guy has a chip on his shoulder, like he’s got to show everyone who’s boss. He seems to hold the entire idea of separation of powers in contempt, something which is not a stroke of genius by our founders but a roadblock which keeps him from implementing his agenda.

I think that to some degree presidents generally feel this way. But we so often lionize the presidency and forget that Congress and The Supreme Court are co-equal with the office of the President of the United States. This should be remembered, and more often.

Obama seems unable to break from the big northern city political machine mindset he came up through. People forget that 10 years ago he was a state senator from Chicago.

Now he wants to wage war in the heart of the Middle East.

Should a guy who said publicly that there were 57 states in the Union, and recently asserted that Charleston South Carolina, Savannah Georgia, and Jacksonville Florida were on the Gulf Coast really be ordering bombings in the heart of the heart of the most explosive piece of geography in the world?  This may sound like a dig, but think about it. It’s entirely a legitimate question.

(From The Free Beacon)

Obama said during a Rose Garden announcement at the White House that after speaking with congressional leaders on Saturday he decided to seek House and Senate authorization for the planned military strike. He also said he would not be bound by a no-vote.*

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* The passage from the Free Beacon gives the impression that Obama said he’ll do what he wishes in Syria regardless of what Congress and the American people say in the coming war resolution. — He was not that clear. What he said is that he has the authority to wage war without congressional approval and that he still reserves this right regardless of the vote. Secretary of State reiterated this point this morning on ABC.