Parent questions Common Core in Baltimore, Is Arrested (Video)


The bureaucrats love meetings and procedure and power and thugs. Witness this video.

How dare this fellow question a program which has been hidden in the shadows for years and likely will only further indoctrinate our children into a collectivist mindset.

Of course Common Core could be completely innocent. No political correctness or indoctrination involved. But if that is the case why wouldn’t the powers that be come out and show that?

(From The Washington Examiner)

“Although Common Core was adopted by MDE three years ago, in exchange for a quarter Billion dollar federal incentive grant through Race To The Top which is conditioned upon adherence to Common Core, parents weren’t informed until after its implementation. The MDE has not valued nor requested parental input. Instead, there was no transparency or even the courtesy of notifying parents much less consulting them. No wonder parents are up in arms. You’ve awakened the Mama Bear. Why haven’t parents across the state heard of Common Core until the month of its implementation?”