Politicians Serving Wall Street, Not Main Street (The bipartisan fleecing)

Bailouts cc cc
Bipartisanship – for Wall Street.


Washington made a decision 5 years ago to abandon most Americans and to cozy up with the crony capitalists on Wall Street. They rejected the voice of the American people in the Fall of 2008 when they began the bailout bonanza.

It is worth remembering that Goldman Sachs was within a hair of going out of business that Fall, but after being infused with taxpayer money, posted the most profitable quarter in its history in the Spring of 2009. Much of that money was distributed in bonuses and the Masters of the Universe were masters once again, thanks to you and me.

As reported by Scott Rasmussen Nancy Pelosi recently waxed about how brilliant the bailouts were. They were indeed brilliant for Wall Street and the political class. Their power was consolidated. The American people however learned once and for all that they weren’t full partners in the American experiment.

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