Poll: Voters will punish legislators who support the Internet sales tax pushed by big business

Intenet tax cc

The Internet sales tax which passed the Senate is designed to take out smaller retailers who cannot afford to comply with expensive new tax collection regulations. Sold as the Marketplace Fairness Act, it is by no means fair, and benefits primarily large retailers to the detriment of consumers and those looking to compete with the Amazons and Best Buys of the world.

(From Forbes.com)

Thanks to a well-orchestrated campaign from big-box retailers who see an advantage in hobbling competitors with new tax compliance burdens, MFA was rammed through the U.S. Senate in May. But the harder MFA’s supporters pushed to “educate” Americans with fawning newspaper editorials, “attaboy” events for pliant lawmakers, and even testimonials from Little League organizers, the more those Americans disliked what they learned. Members of the House of Representatives should take heed of this trend and give MFA the burial it deserves. Meanwhile, candidates on the campaign trail can take confidence that opposing MFA is smart politics as well as smart policy.

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