Senator (Harkin) Says Politics Have Reached Civil War Levels (Video)

harkin cc

This kind of talk from the Senate is not helpful. It’s understandable that Harkin would feel dispirited, confused, and frustrated. This is a guy who recently introduced a bill calling for the president to put together a centrally planned “manufacturing strategy” ala the Soviet Union. Times have clearly passed Harkin by.

There is a very new economic and political reality in this country. The post World War II wave the Senator has ridden his entire life is no more. The New Deal is the Old Deal and many of the new guard refuse to go along. That’s what Harkin is crying about. It very similar to the boo hoos which came from  Senator Reid when he said recently that, “the anarchists have taken over.” 

No, people are actually just fighting back against a state which has expanded unceasingly over the last 70 years. Get used to the new way of doing things cranky birds. Times are a changin’.