Terminal Cancer Patient in Iowa, Entire Family, Face Drug Charges Over His Medical Marijuana Use

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The reason marijuana, pot, cannabis, whatever one wants to call it is illegal is because the pharmaceutical companies know it works and it can be grown, for free, in anyone’s kitchen window. The alcohol lobby has also fought cannabis legalization, as have the prison guard unions who need to keep the prisons filled to keep money flowing.

Cannabis is a drug. It can be a powerful drug. It is not harmless. But the reason it is illegal is because certain very powerful vested interests would prefer to keep it illegal.

Better that people use hillbilly heroin, otherwise known as oxycodone to manage their pain. Better they get physically addicted to an opiate before they die than use pot. God forbid! Pot is illegal!

Here, have some more legal smack courtesy of Big Pharma.

(From Reason.com)

Prosecutors charged Mackenzie, his wife, his adult son, and his septuagenarian parents, with whom Mackenzie and his family live. He spent 42 days in jail until prison officials had him released amid worry about how much his medical treatment might cost them while he was in custody.

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