The Average American Family Pays $6,000 a Year in Subsidies to Big Business

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Good to know that our money isn’t going down a rat hole. It’s not like the average family could use $6K. It’s not like we are still in the midst of a lingering 5 year economic slowdown.

It’s good to know that this excess family cash is going to the likes of GM, GE, and Boeing.

And where do these families get off saying they’re overtaxed? Clearly the corporations need to survive. It takes a village, right? If anything we need to raise taxes. Who’s going to pay them, GE? Not likely.

So pony up middle America, big business needs your help.

(From Alternet)

The $6,000 figure is an average, which means that low-income families are paying less. But it also means that families (households) making over $72,000 are paying more than $6,000 to the corporations.

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