The Earth Has Another 1.75 Billion Years to Go

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How much of that time will we be stuck with crony capitalism? Let’s get our economic and political act together.

The estimate of the earth’s future lifespan is contained in the NBC News article below. The  prognosis at the moment for getting rid of crony capitalism and making life on earth what it could be for everyone isn’t good.

Crony capitalism is as old as human history. It has been the dominant human system since the dawn of complex societies. It is also the reason that the human race has stayed poor for so long. Even a few dollars of capital compounded at a modest rate over a few thousand years should have made the entire human race comfortable. Instead we still have a billion people hungry and another billion living on the edge of hunger. This is not exactly a record of which to proud.

Ending human poverty and giving everyone a decent life is not that difficult to achieve. All we have to do is end the corruption of crony capitalism and the bad economic policies that feed it. That is the reason this website exists: to make it clear what is going on and how easy it would be for policy to help the average American and average human, the poor especially, rather than the crony capitalists.

We don’t think this is a utopian or unrealistic goal. And we had better get on with it, or the human race will probably destroy itself long before the 1.75 billion years are up.

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And for those contemplating this cosmic thought below is some musical accompaniment. (ED)