The New York Times asks: “How did corporate America lose control of the Republican Party?”

Big Biz cc

It didn’t lose control. Big business still has plenty of sway within the GOP.

But voters (who pressure their congresspeople) are increasingly savvy as to how the game is played. They have learned that corporations throw money to both sides of the aisle and that corporations are very interested in gaming government for their gain. Voters have learned that being “pro-business” and being “pro-market” are often (but not always) 2 different things. Voters have learned that big business is often in league with big government. Voters have learned and are learning about crony capitalism.

The move against crony capitalism by a few Republicans (and to a degree some Democrats) in the House and to a lesser extent in the Senate is baffling to many within the establishment left. Don’t Republicans always love big giant faceless corporations? These people do not, and never have understood the difference between being “pro-business” and being “pro-market.”

It’s been pretty fun to watch actually.

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