Want to give crony capitalists $25 billion (at least?) Then award Washington DC the 2024 Olympics

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DC is the last place any sane person (or Olympic Committee) would ever want an Olympic games. The traffic is horrible, truly soul destroying. The people in the city won’t appreciate the games because for the most part it will be a years’ long inconvenience, and Washingtonians don’t like to be inconvenienced. The bitching will never stop. I promise this.

Oh, and the city is flat out corrupt.

Not kind of corrupt, not even big northeastern city corrupt, but deep and pervasive to its core from the Mayor on down to the agency which makes millions writing parking tickets, corrupt. I don’t think I can think of a time in the last 15 years when the mayor’s office, and there have been multiple mayors during the past 15 years, hasn’t been embroiled in some sort of scandal. And when the mayor’s office stayed out of trouble, the city council always seemed to step up to the shady politics plate.

On the other hand this may be exactly what the Olympic Committee is looking for in a host city. Really, it probably is. DC will soon be an even bigger crony capitalist paradise. Of course it will be hell for everyone else.

(From Forbes.com)

Motivated and run by private business interests which individually
stand to gain from the massive construction associated with the
events.These interests include construction companies,
construction unions, architectural firms, investment bankers,
and lawyers, among others. They come together to form a coalition
and bring politicians on board.

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