Why was the fuel for Google corporate jets subsidized by NASA (and US taxpayers)?

Ames cc

Google has a fleet of jets. A few big Boeings and a few more Gulfstreams, all are based at Moffett Federal Airfield, 3 miles from Google’s base of operations. Since 2007 Google has been able to buy fuel for its fleet at 3/4 the price others must pay. The company has however been cut off thanks to increased congressional scrutiny.

“I don’t see how in the hell anybody can buy it that cheap,” said Fred Fitts, president of the Corporate Aircraft Association, a nonprofit that negotiates discounted jet-fuel prices for 1,600 corporate flight departments at airports around the U.S.

Mr. Fitts provided figures showing that CAA members paid an average of $4.35 a gallon across the U.S. over that period.

This is crony capitalism folks. Power is leveraged by business to buy more power through the political system, or as in this case, to gain sweetheart deals. How many of these cozy relationships exist out there between business and government? How many millions, and billions are given away each year just because a business has the right connections?

Why not just fly the Google execs around in F-22s instead and cut out the nonsense.

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