Corporate welfare and the Prison Industrial Complex


Which country incarcerates more of its people per capita than any other country? Yep, it’s us, the US of A and crony capitalism is a key reason why this is true.

The prison industry needs to keep beds filled. As such it puts pressure on politicians to keep bad laws on the books. The more people who go to jail, the more money many “private” prisons make. The prison guard unions look at it the same way. Drug laws = job security.

It is in the interest of these companies and unions to have the government in every bit of our business. That is a dangerous thing.

(From Slate)

But Gov. Brown’s plan for “releasing” the final 10,000 prisoners by the end of the year involves transferring them all to private prison facilities, including one lockup in the Mojave Desert and several others out of state. California would pay for the transfer and the upkeep, costing the state $730 million over the next two years, eating up nearly 70 percent of the state’s reserve fund, money that could go to education or healthcare. This enormous expense represents life support for a private prison industry seeing a future growth lag. But if California keeps dropping off its excess prisoners, for-profit prisons have their own stimulus package.

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