5 Examples of How the Government Thinks it Owns Everything, help the people of the Blue Ridge.

A holdout.

Seriously, this is a problem.

I live (literally) next to the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Shenandoah National Forest.  I have been lucky enough to know some of the people whose families have long populated this land. Long before people like me invaded.

Most Americans don’t know this, but  the people of the Blue Ridge Mountains were forcibly evicted because Washington DC politicians thought the mountains were pretty, were close to to the capital, and thought the land, populated or not, would be a good place for a “park.” Since the enlightened politicians had no respect for the “hillbillies” who lived there,  they sent government agents to scare and intimidate the mountain miscreants until the Feds could take over the farms of those who lived in the highlands. It was not pretty. The people were even put onto “reservations.”

A friend of mine told me that the federal agents descended on the people of the Blue Ridge in the late 1920s and early 1930s and told them if they didn’t leave the government would forcibly burn their houses down.  G-men in suits arrived on family farms and moved the occupants and their furniture out into the front yard while lighting the homesteads on fire.

All so we could have a park near DC.

Since dogs were considered a threat the g-men locked the dogs in the houses as they set fire and burned the dogs alive in front of the families (with children) as the families watched their homes turn to cinders.


And now, in 2013 the Feds want to deny the right the American people have to hike on this land? Land which was stolen from the American people in the first place? I don’t think so. Go hike! If they try to stop you, turn on your smart phone and record it.

This weekend, if you live in the general DC area and want to see the leaves turn, spend lavishly in Sperryville, and Waynesboro, and Crozet (where I live) and Roanoke and Weyers Cave. and Lurray. Go to these places and pour your money into them. Spend more than you need to. These are the towns which are populated by people who were stolen from a long time ago. And are being stolen from yet again. Don’t let the bullies win in 2013 like they did 70 years before.

From TownHall.com

3. Pisgah Inn (closed)

Park rangers blocked all three entrances to a privately-owned Virginia inn on Friday. Blue Ridge Parkway, a 470-mile federal road, remains open to traffic but National Park Service facilities along the route are being closed, according to Fox News.

Each of Pisgah Inn’s 51 rooms were booked at $125 a night for the entire month of October, said owner Bruce O’Connell. In addition to his lost revenue, 100 employees at the inn will be without a job.

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"5 Examples of How the Government Thinks it Owns Everything." Sarah Jean Seman, Townhall.com, 2013-10-07.

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