American Boondoggle Meets Chinese Methods

LA cc

A match made in crony hell.

(From Testosterone Pit)

“With all that Los Angeles was offering, it was hard to refuse coming here,” BYD Chairman and billionaire founder Wang Chuan-fu gloated at the press conference. Schwarzenegger hyped California’s “market-friendly energy and environmental policies” and smiled victoriously. “This is just the start,” added L.A. Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa. “BYD will be creating the high-paying green-collar jobs that we want….”

Today, BYD’s headquarters is in a refurbished building in downtown L.A. The manufacturing site in Lancaster, a suburb of L.A., is an RV plant that had been closed. Nothing was built. “The plant is still mostly vacant save for a small number of local workers,” reported the New York Times. And “three engineers from China were working to install factory equipment.” In total, fewer than 40 people are working for BYD in California – and even fewer Americans. What has come to California are BYD’s Chinese workers, and they got paid $1.50 per hour, plus a $50/day allowance.

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