Congress wants to delay Obamacare, White House says no. Insurance companies want to delay Obamacare, White House agrees

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The “train wreck” continues.

As we reported on Wednesday, many of the CEOs of the big health insurance companies flew to the White House this week to discuss the fumbled rollout of Obamacare. The companies were concerned that the system they helped craft, which funnels millions of new customers and billions in subsidies to them, could be in serious trouble. They flew in to check on their investment.


“The White House is meeting with insurance industry executives,” a consultant to insurers told Ezra Klein, “and I can tell you what they’re talking about. [They’re saying] you need to get this fixed, because you’re setting us up for a real fall with our customers. [Patients are] not going to blame Kathleen Sebelius if they walk into their doctor’s office and the doctor doesn’t know who they are. They’ll blame the insurance company. And I’m sure what the insurers are telling the White House today is we will not let you put us in that position.”

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