Food stamp glitch leads to shelves being cleared out at 2 LA Walmarts. Chaos

walmart cc

The EBT system went down over the weekend for a brief time nationally and in order to accommodate shoppers 2 Louisiana Walmarts decided to accept food stamps cards without limits.

This was not smart. As word traveled, shoppers descended on the stores and picked it clean.

This is what happens when prices are thrown out the window. People binge while they can and then there are shortages for everyone else thereafter.

Another question that one must consider is what potential chaos we are courting with a massive centralized food stamp program?

Business loves EBT because the program helps subsidize their bottom lines. But do we have a dangerous situation right under our noses? What if EBT went down for a week? Or longer? 1 in 6 Americans use the program.

Also how long until this is blamed on the partial government “shutdown.”

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