From “Progressive” website Daily Kos: Obamacare will double my monthly premium (according to Kaiser)

Well, when the Daily Kos starts freaking out about the cost of Obamacare one can assume that  things are not going so well.

I will state for the record that this graphic seems to be holding true:

Obamacare health ins. cc

(From The Daily Kos)

My wife and I just got our updates from Kaiser telling us what our 2014 rates will be. Her monthly has been $168 this year, mine $150. We have a high deductible. We are generally healthy people who don’t go to the doctor often. I barely ever go. The insurance is in case of a major catastrophe.

Well, now, because of Obamacare, my wife’s rate is gong to $302 per month and mine is jumping to $284.

I am canceling insurance for us and I am not paying any f*****g penalty. What the hell kind of reform is this?

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