Holy moly the “train wreck” cometh?! Tales of Obamacare carnage in California

Obamacare health ins. cc

Let’s keep in mind that Obamacare is very good for the health insurance companies and the pharmaceutical companies.

Nancy Pelosi famously said the we needed to pass Obamacare to see what was in Obamacare.

And clearly Ms. Pelosi the “Affordable Care Act” is indeed a dream come true.

Just ask these Californians.

(From The San Francisco Chronicle)

In response to my Tuesday column about Obamacare, a Santa Cruz man who describes himself as a “staunch” Obama supporter tells me he feels “betrayed.” Anthem sent him a notice that his private plan, which also covers his spouse, ends Jan. 1. But he is eligible for a comparable Affordable Care Act plan. Alas, the premiums will rise from $766 to $1,251 per month.

He was angry before because he wanted a European-style single payer system, but he wrote, “Honestly I gave this little thought because I knew I could keep what I had, but as it turns out, this apparently is not possible.”

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