Kingmaker? Ron Paul endorses Ken Cuccinelli for Virginia governor, Gary Johnson endorses Sarvis

Cucinelli cc

All we will say on this is that the endorsement by Paul is interesting. Robert Sarvis is the Libertarian Party candidate and is polling in the 10-12% range among Virginia voters. An historically high level. That Paul still endorsed the GOP candidate is, as we said, interesting and important. But it is also important that Sarvis is polling at 10%.

It should be noted that for all the social conservative flack (especially around abortion) coming from the the Dem camp, Cuccineli is open to legalization of marijuana, cannabis, pot, whatever one wants to call it in the Commonwealth. (Watch the below video.) McAuliffe hasn’t come out in favor of that. Nor will he.

A race for the ages in Virginia. We will be watching closely.

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