Need surgery? Can’t afford Obamacare? These surgeons post their prices online for all to see.

surgery cc

We have no affiliation with the Surgery Center of Oklahoma but if I needed knee surgery this is probably the first place I’d consider.

Much of the problem with the current medical system, both pre and post Obamacare rollout is its opacity. What costs $20K with one insurer might cost $40K  just down the road with another insurer. Why is this?

In a free market the answer would be discernible. The $40K procedure must be twice as good as the $20k one for those in the market. There are likely hundreds of different reasons why people would be willing to part with twice the money at one hospital versus another, but for each of these people, for some reason, the price in our scenario is considered worth paying. In a free price system, a free market, it is at least possible to know why prices are different.

In a system which is tangled in red tape, and government mandates, and sweetheart deals with health insurers, which has doctor boards setting the “price” of procedures (Medicare does this) at inflated prices, it is practically impossible to know why procedures have different costs.

I like the no haggle sticker price for medical services model much more than how most medical business is done today.