Obama tilts playing field to One Percent (?)


It is a fact that the top 5% of earners in the United States have done comparatively well versus the other 95% during the Obama years. The top 1% spectacularly well in many cases. Most of the country remains mired in recession, some places still a near depression (West Virginia, Michigan) but the wealthy who have portfolios juiced by unprecedented actions taken by the Federal Reserve have soared ahead.

Yes we can indeed!

Mr. Obama in addition to being a big fan of Mr. Bernanke’s tactics is also a big fan of regulation and laws generally. He has made a bad regulatory situation in this country only worse during his tenure. The economy is heavily burdened with new requirements and new laws handed down from Washington. This red tape hurts those with little capital but who want to start businesses, i.e. ambitious poor and middle income folks.

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