(Ohio) Senate Votes To Ban The Libertarian Party From Ohio Election

Governor_John_Kasich cc
Gov. John Kasich, former small government guy.

I think Robert Sarvis, the Libertarian Party candidate for governor in Virginia (polling at near 10%), is putting the fear of you-know-who into the Ohio Republican Party.

(From BenSwann.com)

A statement from the Libertarian Party of Ohio’s website says, “The bottom line is that the John Kasich Re-election Protection Act would disenfranchise every Ohio voter by taking away their right to vote for a candidate for governor other than a) John Kasich, a governor who has miserably failed the state of Ohio and betrayed millions of fiscal conservatives who expected him to follow Ohio law and oppose Obamacare, or b) the nominee of the other big-government party who is promising to double down on most of Kasich’s failing policies.”

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