On this one Ralph Nader is dead on, Our military is too large and should be cut. The Tea Party should step up he says.


I agree with him. If the Tea Party is truly, honest to goodness, for small government it should be for reducing the size of our military as well as for reducing domestic spending. I know for a fact that some people within what is called the Tea Party are all for cutting the size of the military, but still too few.

Nader is right. If one is going to rail against Obamacare because of cost and potential fraud, one should also sharpen the knives for our bloated military. It is too large. It has too much waste. It attempts to do too much. Contracts are ever more expensive.

Our military is so large, as we have reported, that the government cannot physically audit the Pentagon. This is of course by design.

The problem with Nader’s analysis is that he always wants to direct the money going to the military toward social engineering schemes he sees as valuable. I would prefer that we just return the money to the private economy, the taxpayers.

(From The Huffington Post)

Which leads us the most important question — where do all these billions of dollars go? Don’t ask the Pentagon, because they can’t or won’t tell you. Years of poor expense managing and book balancing has led to so many documented cases of waste and fraud that it’s hard to keep up. The Government Accountability Office (GAO) every year declares the Pentagon budget to be “un-auditable.” The GAO website lists the DOD financial management as “High Risk”, reporting that: “Significant financial and related business management systems and control weaknesses have adversely affected DOD’s ability to control costs; ensure basic accountability; anticipate future costs and claims on the budget; measure performance; maintain funds control; prevent and detect fraud, waste, and abuse; address pressing management issues; and prepare auditable financial statements.”

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