Overeager park police try to close privately funded Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon ccHow did these guys get this wrong? Are we at a point where the government can just throw up some blockades and stop a private business from making money for no reason?

The answer of course is, “yes.” Our government does this all the time. This time however the government shut down the former home of George Washington and so it got some attention.

The barricades are down now, but I would love to know who made this call.

(From MSN.com)

You can’t really hold it against the National Park Service. They’ve been closing so many parks this week, they probably just got caught up in their own momentum. But the fact remains that, in blocking parking lots to George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate and Gardens, they were technically trying to close private property. Park police blocked the property’s lots “due to a misunderstanding over the ownership of the spaces,” Melissa Wood, Mount Vernon’s media director told the College Politico. See, though the Park Service does maintain Mount Vernon’s parking lots, the property is owned by the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association. Neither the group nor the plantation receive any government funding, and therefore aren’t subject to closure during a shutdown.

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