Pure Failure in Benghazi, 60 Minutes reports: Our team was unguarded, and then abandoned when attacked. Damning report.

A protester reacts as the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi is seen in flames

Good for 60 Minutes. Maybe there are still some real journalists out there in the #oldmedia.

According to this report, supported by interviews with key people involved in defending Ambassador Stevens and his team, the CIA compound was “defended” only by local Libyan militia members (who fled as soon as Al Qaeda descended on the building) and an unarmed American security detail.

What kind of absolutely boneheaded security planning is this? Get the local boys to man the turrets while they learn the lay of the land and talk to to their buddies? And an unarmed American security detail? Why unarmed?

Then when the fight begins, with our team heavily out gunned, no support was called in? In fact the assistant to the ambassador was specifically told that no help was on the way. Again why? We had no one off the coast ready to offer cover in the event this sort of thing happened? I am sure we did. If we didn’t (which I can’t imagine) this is a logistical disaster on a colossal scale. But for whatever reason we didn’t send anyone in. No hell-fire missiles were shot by drones which undoubtedly were patrolling the skies above Benghazi. No, the ambassador and his team were basically left to die Alamo style, as quietly as possible.

Don’t forget. The American public was told that the attack was a spontaneous act of violence born from a protest against an anti-Muslim movie that almost no one saw. This is a lie which was told over and over in the critical weeks after the attack.

Benghazi was a gross failure of the Obama administration with potentially huge impact on the soon to be held 2012 US presidential elections. Likewise it was also as big a failure for Hillary Clinton’s State Department with potentially as big an impact on her likely run for president in 2016.

The below video is an important report. We commend 60 Minutes for it and we are pleased that it appears that not all of the mainstream media, an entity we often call the “crony media,” can be cowed by Washington.