Sen. Dick Durbin gave false facts about his own daughter in Obamacare speech


This isn’t surprising. We are talking about Dick Durbin.

His daughter sadly suffered from a congenital heart issue and died when she was only 40. Durbin said he didn’t know if he could have gotten insurance for her on the open market in the pre-Obamacare world. According to the article it is very likely that he would have been able to.

As the daughter of a government employee who then became a government employee herself however she never had to deal with such issues. She was insured.

An interesting part of this sad tale is that Senator Durbin, over the course of 10 years earmaked roughly 1 million in taxpayer dollars to go to Children’s Memorial Hospital where his daughter was treated.

The death of anyone’s child is tragic and it is understandable that Durbin might want to “help” the hospital which had treated his daughter, but the money still came from taxpayers.

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