So it looks like the trucker induced shutdown of the Washington DC Beltway is on.


They call themselves “Truckers ride for the Constitution.” And they seem pretty POed. It seems that independent trucking contractors are being run out of business by new regulations which allow the big trucking firms to consolidate. That’s one of the reasons for the convoy.

Judging by the tweets which can be followed using the hashtag #T2SDA  (Tuesday?) there are a dozen other reasons which drive the heel of these haulers.

At this moment we are told thousands of truckers are descending on the Capital Beltway. If this really happens the police and emergency services people are going to freak out.

Since the protest came out of nowhere it is possible that authorities are not prepared.

Whatever happens the first thing I will do tomorrow morning is turn on WTOP and listen to the traffic report. Good thing most federal workers are staying home. I guess.

These are some recently tweeted pictures of the rigs headed DC way.

Truckers ooo cc

Truckers ooo  2 cc