The devil goes down to Georgia? Romney Donors Back Democrat Over Tea Party in Peach State.


The original Tea Party. No Rush Limbaugh or Mark Levin to be seen.
The original Tea Party. No Rush Limbaugh or Mark Levin to be seen.


I couldn’t help the headline given it’s Halloween and all.

Well we knew this was coming. The establishment big government Republicans would jump ship and support the Dems which they can control more effectively through political contributions than the Tea Party folks in the Republican Party.

As the article points out business people looking to grease the government skids, skids which used to be greased by Republicans but are no longer in many cases, are even giving to Terry McAuliffe who is running for governor in Virginia. Cronies know cronies and they give money to cronies. It’s as simple as that.

It exhibits the deep challenge those who are fighting for a much smaller government face. The media is against them. The public schools are against them. The universities are against them. The people who rely on government checks are against them. The military industrial complex is against them. And most of all, big business (the non-MIC) is against them.

Big business believes that a large government is in its best interest. It can use the government to regulate upstart companies to death which pose a challenge in the marketplace. It can lean on taxpayers through the government to fund sports complexes and highways which are not needed, but big business wants. How can big business get the special status it has bought over the years if there are a bunch of people in Congress who pay no heed to this bought access?

Of course the “Tea Party” has many elements. Some parts of the party can be bought, others can’t. But that some are willing to stand up for limited government, not just say it, irritates the supposed champions of free enterprise to no end.

Don’t these Tea Partiers know that big business owns this country?!

One more thing. I have issues with many people who consider themselves part of the Tea Party. Rush Limbaugh is not part of the Tea Party, no matter how much he protests and swears that he is. I remember when he derided the Tea Party. Same for that Levin guy, who I will admit makes decent points on occasion but still doesn’t really grasp what “small government” is all about.

But to all of my progressive and liberal friends out there who deride the Tea Party, you should thank your lucky stars that it exists. The Tea Party may be opposed to a socialist view of the future, a view many of you may have, but at least it is making noise in the face of an establishment which seems hell bent on controlling every aspect of our lives. At least someone is telling the government “no!”  I certainly appreciated the anti-war movement during the Bush years. I just wish they’d have the moral fortitude to stand up against a president who is at least as dangerous as Bush ever was.

But the anti-war people are nowhere to be found these days, which is a real shame. My bet though is the Tea Party won’t melt away in the face of a Republican presidential or congressional takeover. And that is just what big business is afraid of.

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