The Financial Times frets over the rise of a European Tea Party, A revolution spreads?

goldman in europe

I have to say that I enjoy the United Kingdom Independence Party guys (UKIP), especially Mr. Farage. Here’s one of the clips that made him internationally famous. If there is large group of people in Europe who feel as Farage does then watch out. Things could get even more interesting across the Atlantic.


As the Tea Party has demonstrated in the US, anti-establishment radicals do not need to capture the position of president or prime minister to gum up the system. Even if traditional pro-EU centrists continue to lead most national governments in Europe, their room for manoeuvre at EU summits is greatly reduced if populist parties are making big gains back home. A Dutch prime minister who fears the anti-EU Freedom party – which is topping the opinion polls at present in the Netherlands – will find it much harder to agree to a new bailout for southern Europe. Similarly, a British leader who is losing ground to the UK Independence party will be driven to take more extreme positions in EU negotiations.

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