Where crony reporters are born? Journalism school students get their news from CNN, NPR, MSNBC, The New York Times

sesno cc

This report is from CNN‘s Frank Sesno so it’s not surprising that the answers given by the journalism students in the attached clip reflect a certain viewpoint.

I follow all of the #oldmedia sources also. Often they do good journalism. But I have a healthy sense of the agenda (not that Fox doesn’t have an agenda) being forwarded. The message from these outlets is always “liberal” (in the modern American sense of the term) with a healthy dose corporatism.

This stands in contrast to outlets such as Democracy Now, which is unabashedly anti-establishment (from the old left perspective) and often takes on the corporate establishment. Democracy Now has people like Noam Chomsky on and other true lefty radicals with something to say. (Not that I usually agree with them.) But there is a reason why Noam Chomsky isn’t interviewed on CNN, pretty much ever. He challenged and continues to challenge even in old age the corporate/government partnership. Again, in our opinion from the wrong direction generally, but he rejected the role of media toadie he could have embraced for riches and mainstream adoration.

The #oldmedia generally reflect a Northeastern American consensus. Democrats are generally good hearted people. Republicans are generally bad. The TEA Party is racist and shouldn’t even be listened to. The middle of the country is a vast wasteland of thought. Clinton good. Rand bad. Ron Paul dangerous, if interesting.

The #oldmedia media come from the same schools (mostly in the Northeast, with a smattering from California and Chicago). They reflect an urban, generally white, generally pro-government (their cohorts to a large extent run the government), generally upper middle class perspective.

More and more of America is starting to understand however that maybe the “consensus” sold by the #oldmedia is not really a consensus at all.

The #oldmedia media is not happy about that. Neither are the politicians.

One additional point.

In the below video Frank Sesno holds a round table with a group of George Washington University journalism students. It costs $61,918 per year to attend. That’s $247,672 for just an UNDERGRADUATE degree. No wonder these students champion vested interests.