Why the agriculture industry hates Chipotle (And why the market loves Chipotle)

Burrito cc

The market loves Chipotle. The chain has grown by leaps and bounds in the midst of the deepest recession in 70 years. Why? Because they make an awesome product.

The food is simple and inexpensive. It is prepared in front of you quickly. And the quality of the ingredients is consistently good. For many people, that Chipotle uses hormone free food is also a big plus. It is increasingly an important factor for me.

That Chipotle offers a relatively healthy, fast, and inexpensive alternative to other fast food outlets should be commended. As mentioned diners are frequenting Chipotle more and more.

But Big Agriculture has a hormone infused bone to pick. They don’t like this video made by the restaurant chain.

What if people started demanding higher quality food with fewer hormones and less exposure to GMO grasses and corn? Why that might squeeze profit margins.

Perhaps, but Chipotle is making plenty in profits and likely will see them grow as long as the chain responds to an increasingly informed food consumer. It appears to me that Big Ag could learn a lot from Chipotle.

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