Blackwater Founder Erik Prince: War on Terror Has Become Too Big (A little late, but welcome I guess)

Blackwater cc

You know the Military Industrial Complex has spun out of control when the founder of Blackwater has a change of heart. I’m not letting this guy off the hook, he should have been saying this stuff in 2006, but I am pleased that he is at least saying something now.

Of course it’s easier to say that the military is bloated when the American people are fed up with the size of their government and after one has made millions and millions heading what is essentially a mercenary army funded by the US taxpayer. Erik Prince may not like the beast now, but he helped feed it for years.

But his new disposition tracks with the deep change happening in the minds of a good number of “conservatives” in the United States. Many people who gave George W. Bush everything he wanted, and supported him at every turn, now realize that they were had. W was a “big government” guy. In many ways he sold us down the river and set up the hyperstate we are dealing with now.

I’m glad Erik Prince has had a change of heart. I’ll bet he’s got a lot of heavy things weighing on that heart these days.

(From The Daily Beast)

“The left wants to protect social programs, the right wants to protect defense and intelligence spending and all the rest. I say the defense and intelligence world will be better off with a smaller budget. They would be less encumbered by bloat and able to maneuver the way they used to be able and not trip over themselves,” he said.

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