Boycott Black Friday

Black friday cc

And for goodness sake don’t go shopping on Thanksgiving. We should be giving thanks, not standing in line for some trinket.

We at ACC are obviously avowed fans of capitalism and the marketplace, but the holiday buying frenzy whipped up every year is mostly an orgy of consumer debt.

People buying things (on credit), they don’t need, to impress people they don’t even like is the essence of the American holiday experience to a large degree. And that’s just sick.

Don’t do it. Don’t buy into the debt driven envy fest of hollow consumerism. Part of a free market is that we are FREE to not do business if we want. Is the debt worth it?

The banks want you to rack up those bills, so do the makers of the shiny trinkets, and so does the government so it can make its economic numbers. But does your family really want you to incur those holiday bills? More importantly, do you?


The “aggregate demand is God” Keynesian Cargo Cult fetish of focusing on holiday sales is worse than meaningless–it is profoundly misleading.What the economy needs is not more mindless debt-based consumption (the “aggregate demand” that the cargo cult sees as a “folk cure” for everything that’s wrong with the economy) but the exact opposite: paying down debt, reducing the share of the national income skimmed by a parastic banking sector, a boycott of low-quality junk (i.e. 90% of what’s bought on Black Friday) and an evolution beyond a model of “growth” that’s dependent on ever-rising debt and consumption of needless junk made overseas to benefit Corporate America’s bulging bottom line.

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